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In today’s economic environment, investing in quality startups is an attractive option, but there is a clear lack of existing funds modeled to do so efficiently and in a truly aligned manner. The economics of funds are often favorable to managers but less attractive to investors who deserve more transparency, oversight and optionality in their investments. At Cava, we believe a different model is necessary to provide investors access to great deals with appropriate risk/reward returns.

Cava Capital Partners, LLC - A Holding Company, NOT a Fund

Cava Capital Partners, LLC is a holding company designed to generate significant value for its investors and shareholders.  The founders maintain an owner-operator philosophy and business model geared to building businesses. The holding company structure was purposefully designed to enable the execution of strategy that supports this core philosophy as well as to serve the needs of both entrepreneurs and long-term investors:    

Consistent with Cava’s core principle that innovation through technology is in the early stages of a revolution, the company will specifically seek out opportunities in Mobile, Commerce, Software as a Service (“SaaS”), Marketplaces and Digital Marketing.  

Cava intends to return to the roots of venture capital, by implementing a strategy focused on greater ownership, a fairly concentrated portfolio and hands-on operational execution rather than a passive, “spray and pray” model geared toward building a large portfolio—a strategy commonly deployed by many venture capital firms. 

The company intends to make traditional early stage venture capital investments in established companies that have achieved early traction, as well as development stage companies called Cava Studio Investments. Cava Studio projects are founded or co-founded by members of the Cava Team, often in conjunction with other entrepreneurs from the sectors that we focus on.  In these Cava Studio projects, members of the Cava Team will hold a significant executive level operational role in the first year or so of the investment’s existence.  The Principals believe that the Cava Studio business model is a natural extension of the Company’s business building philosophy and will give the Company the opportunity to drive significant value, exercise greater control and gain a significantly larger ownership position in these portfolio companies than a traditional venture capital strategy.

Cava intends to lead or act as a significant participant in most investment opportunities and to use its industry, management and financial expertise to actively build companies and maximize long-term success and risk-adjusted rates of return.     

Exceptional Historical Performance

Since 1997, the Principals have invested, both separately and together, over $330 million in 37 companies during multiple business and technology cycles. The Principals have been working together at Cava since 2010 and, during this time, have completed 25 transactions in 12 companies with premier co-investors in the Company’s targeted sectors. For full performance return analysis, please contact us. 

A different approach to Venture

With a focus on fewer deals, deeper engagement, an operator first approach, creative structuring and a meaningful set of relationships with entrepreneurs and investors alike, Cava believes business building and a focus on execution is more important than assembling a large and, in theory, over-diversified portfolio.  The size and structure of the company combined with the business model have been designed as the framework of a platform for investing in the future, one in which the principals believe can sustain and grow for years to come. 

Smaller Size

The Principals believe that a manageable pool of capital provides enormous flexibility, not only to Cava but also to prospective portfolio companies.  The Principals will manage the investments with a team-orientated approach, leveraging the resources of the team as a whole, rather than that of one individual investment professional. While this size allows for smaller investments and sizable ownership positions, which the Principals believe will lead to stronger returns upon exit, the aggregate commitments are large enough to enable Cava to lead, co-lead, or participate in the vast majority of venture rounds of financing, something the Principals believe is critical for maximization of returns as well as risk mitigation. This philosophy differentiates Cava from investment firms with much larger pools of capital and/or substantially larger groups of investment professionals who tend to take a more traditional asset management approach, often deploying large pools of capital across many companies in a blended approach.      

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Cava Capital is an innovative, early growth stage investor, actively supporting talented entrepreneurs as they build their companies through various stages of expansion. We believe adding value is not an option; it’s a prerequisite. We are experts in scaling revenue growth and are focused on enlisting the resources and connections to do so. Our sweet spot for initial investment is between $1 to $5 million for those companies that have demonstrated early success with customer traction and/or revenue.