ACCELERating growth

Cava Capital is an innovative, early stage investor, actively supporting and in many cases co-founding talented entrepreneurs as they build their companies through various stages of expansion. We believe that successful early stage investing is about more than capital – it’s about domain expertise and operational experience. Our experience has taught us that the most successful opportunities are those where we have leveraged existing relationships with a broad network of entrepreneurs and investors. They bring us the best opportunities and, at times, also become the owner/operators of these opportunities. This unique owner/operator model is the core of our strategy. 

A Holding Company NOT a Fund

Because we are not a fund, we don't have the same constraints. This means no defined investment period, no forced selling period, no cross fund issues or multiple fund conflicts! We simply look for good companies in which to partner with and make investments and help maximize the value of the company. Our investors are long term investors, we are all owners not limited and general partners and carry that philosophy through to our holdings. 

What we like:

We will invest in established companies that have achieved early traction, are primed for scale and are ready to build their brand to maximize growth. These companies stand to benefit from infusions of capital into areas of the business that are the “revenue drivers”: Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Investments in these areas make a meaningful difference for entrepreneurs at the growth stage, helping to engage customers, increase brand equity and drive revenue. Such capital provides the best risk/reward paradigm and drives the investment thesis of our holding company philosophy.

Thematic Approach to Investing

Cava Capital invests in an active way across the early capital spectrum, specifically seeking out opportunities in Mobile, Commerce, Software as a Service (“SaaS”), Marketplaces and Digital Marketing.  The Company is seeking opportunities that capitalize on the following investment themes:

●      The rise and importance of the consumer, purchase behavior and the substantial effect on marketers;

●      The maturing and coming power of the millennial generation;

●      The mobile economy; and

●      The equal importance of brand and technology in building great sustainable companies.

Accomplished Team

The Cava team is made up of highly successful former operators and investors; a necessary advantage for investing at this stage. The principles have been investing and working together at Cava Capital since early 2007 and have completed 25 transactions in twelve companies with premier co-investors in the sectors we focus on. Over our careers, the Cava team has invested over $300 Million during multiple business and technology cycles, through diversified entities, both separately and together, in over 70 companies. We have consistently generated impressive returns to shareholders on a cash-on-cash basis.    

Great Advice

Extensive operational and investment experience is the foundation of the Cava strategy, process and team. To complement the Principals, the team has assembled a world class Venture Partner and Cava Studio Partner network to actively assist in deal flow, due diligence and portfolio company development. Members of this Advisor Network have themselves founded, led, built, consulted to and invested in numerous businesses at various stages of growth. Each has compensation directly ties to the performance of the fund and the companies. 

Introducing Cava Studio!

Using these resources, Cava will also invest and support a Studio Model whereby Principals or Venture Partners/Advisors of Cava assume a significant operational role in an underlying company. Examples include Founder, Executive Chairman, founding CEO/CTO/CMO/CPO. This Business model is a natural extension of our business building philosophy and will enable Cava and its investors to drive significant value, exercise greater control and gain a significantly larger ownership position in companies than the current VC model. The Studio model can scale beyond the current Cava team by aligning with specific, well-known entrepreneurs as a Venture Partner or Studio Partner and scale the team to launch more Cava Studio projects. While the majority of Cava's activities will be investments in existing management teams, Cava will selectively pursue opportunities in this "Studio" model.

Laser Focused

Cava targets investments in rapidly growing private companies focused on brand and technology. Future category leaders will be those businesses that best understand their customers by utilizing a combination of technology and data to enable better marketing, customer acquisition, and retention, ultimately driving increased brand equity.

Examples include Mobile Based Solutions, Digital Media/Content, Branded Lifestyle Solutions, Consumer / Internet Brands, Data Science as a service, eCommerce and Digital Marketplaces and Sales and Marketing software. 

Re-thinking the Traditional Venture Model

Most of our investors are high-net-worth individuals and family offices, many of whom were successful entrepreneurs in their own right. We believe the engaged investor model is a huge asset to our portfolio companies and to our team. We have a unique investment structure with flexible options for investment. Please feel free to call or write us if you are interested in learning more about an investment with Cava.

In today’s economic environment, investing in quality startups is an attractive option, but there is a clear lack of existing funds modeled to do so efficiently and in a truly aligned manner. The economics of funds are often favorable to managers but less attractive to investors who deserve more transparency, oversight and optionality in their investments. At Cava, we believe a different model is necessary to provide investors access to great deals with appropriate risk/reward returns.


While there are many potential funding options for startup entrepreneurs, partnering with a value added investor is essential when attempting to build a high growth enterprise. In order to add value beyond capital, investors should understand and appreciate the challenges of entrepreneurship.