for entrepreneurs

While there are many potential funding options for startup entrepreneurs, partnering with a value-added investor is essential when attempting to build a high-growth enterprise. In order to add value beyond capital, investors should understand and appreciate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Our team and members of the Cava Advisor Network are a unique combination of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to wake up at 2AM worried about making payroll. Because we understand the important details and have learned from our past endeavors, you will benefit from our experience.

It’s About Your Company, Not us

Unlike traditional funds, which often make portfolio company decisions based on fundraising objectives and the portfolio as a whole, Cava structures each investment as a separate entity and makes decisions based on the merits of each company individually. We believe that raising capital or pursuing an acquisition should not be influenced by anything other than what is best for that portfolio company at that time.

We Know Revenue Drivers

We invest in the areas we know best and therefore specifically focus on the sales, marketing and business development efforts of our portfolio companies. Investments in these areas make a meaningful difference for companies at the growth stage, helping to engage customers, increase brand equity and drive revenue. As active investors who work closely with entrepreneurs, focus on these areas allows us to bring the most value as we spent the majority of our careers in these roles.

Great Relationships and Resources

Our relationships with seed and later stage venture firms, private equity groups and many Fortune 1000 companies allow us to share services and best practices with our entrepreneurs, as well as offer potential access to later stage growth financing and increased exit opportunities. In addition, our investors stay close to the action and engage when and where they can add value. Simply put, we bring the people, processes and connections required to help every investment succeed.


We only work with local teams, affording us the opportunity to be hands-on and actively engaged, as each deal is only a short drive away.

We Are Committed

Our goal for every portfolio company is to lead or co-lead the investment and spend substantial time and energy with each one. We reserve sufficient capital for follow-on rounds, should they be needed and assuming milestones have been met.

Share Your Opportunity

Prior to sharing your opportunity with our deal team, please be sure to read our investment criteria.  We recommend that your documents include an executive summary, financial projections and an update on current progress.

Submit your business summary for review here.

In today’s economic environment, investing in quality startups is an attractive option, but there is a clear lack of existing funds modeled to do so efficiently and in a truly aligned manner. The economics of funds are often favorable to managers but less attractive to investors who deserve more transparency, oversight and optionality in their investments. At Cava, we believe a different model is necessary to provide investors access to great deals with appropriate risk/reward returns.