Cava Studio

Venture Redefined: An owner / operator approach to development stage companies 

In addition to making more traditional venture capital and growth equity investments, the company will specialize in development stage companies which are founded by members of the Cava Team or in which members of the Cava Team will hold a significant senior executive level operating role .  The Cava Studio model is a natural extension of the company's business building philosophy. 

We believe that there are a number of great entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ideas that could benefit greatly from the Cava Studio model or would prefer to partner with an owner/operator oriented investor than participate in the traditional venture process.  Cava Studio was born to address this market need and more effectively monetize the business building activities that the Cava principals were already engaged in.

 We intend to make two types of Cava Studio Investments: (i) investments in businesses that are founded by members of the Cava Team and (ii) investments in development stage companies in which we will partner with existing entrepreneurs. Some of these entrepreneurs could be young, starting their first company and in need substantial operational assistance.  These entrepreneurs often seek co-founders to help them scale their business and the Fund can act as that operational co-founder as well as provide capital.  Cava also believes that the Cava Studio process will be attractive to a number of highly successful entrepreneurs who are looking for a different option than the traditional venture capital model.  These entrepreneurs require a capital partner, appreciate any operational support that they can receive in the early years of a company’s growth, and share Cava’s philosophy about how to build companies.  

The Cava Studio model scales beyond the current Cava team to align with specific, well-known entrepreneurs as venture partners or advisors and launch more Cava Studio projects.  Like the Cava team, many of these entrepreneurs may be quite accomplished and believe the current venture model is self-serving, inflexible and ultimately not as profitable an alternative to partnering with the Cava Capital Partners.